Pediatric Dentistry in Yonkers

Pediatric Dentistry in Yonkers

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Yonkers Pediatric Dentistry

At Veritas Dentistry you will find the best Pediatric dentistry in Yonkers. We take pride in our practice and our patients. Our goal is to help children feel at ease in the dental office and to instruct them in the best oral hygiene homecare routines so that they can maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.

Pediatric Dentistry in Yonkers

Kids go through so many stages, and so do their teeth. Once your child’s baby teeth start to appear at around six months, it is time to start to think about their dental health. In fact, there are a multitude of dental considerations in a baby and growing child. You may be wondering what to do about teething, how to recognize and deal with harmful oral habits, how to establish good oral hygiene practices, the best way to prevent dental decay, what to do if your child injures their teeth, or if their dental and jaw development is progressing normally. Of course, the best way to answer these questions and to make sure your child has a healthy smile is to start visiting the dentist at an early age and to continue bringing your child in on a regular basis for routine dental care. For outstanding pediatric dentistry in Yonkers choose Veritas Dentistry.

At Veritas Dentistry, we welcome pediatric patients to our office. Our dentist and office staff are very experienced in working with young children and know just how to make them feel at ease. When you bring your child for pediatric dentistry in Yonkers you can feel completely secure that your child is in good hands. First and foremost, we emphasize the prevention of dental problems. In addition to checking for dental decay and doing a thorough professional teeth cleaning, we provide our pediatric patients with fluoride treatments to strengthen their dental enamel and dental sealants for added protection from decay.  Because children are growing, we also pay special attention to the development of their teeth, jaws and bite. We will always keep you informed of any dental issue that can potentially affect their speech, their appearance, their self-image, or how their teeth and jaws function. We will always let you know when a dental or orthodontic concern needs to be addressed and what that treatment will involve.


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